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ince the inception of Gates of Heaven Network (GOHN) ministries in the land of Maun, Ngamiland, Botswana on the 18th of June, 2011, its general overseer Prophet T.P Elias and the ministry’s partners have been making every endeavor to cloth, feed and give gifts to the widows, orphans, socially disadvantaged and the physically challenged. Some gifts such as toiletry are randomly given to anyone in attendance, amongst them the local and international visitors.
In the month of April we saw many families leaving the church with huge boxes of meat which was donated by the Ngamiland Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) to the ministry.
Prophet Elias admits that the efforts of the ministry are currently not enough. He said that he will be content on the day that the ministry will be able to award scholarships, give bags of mealie-meal, rice, shelter as well as offer monetary aid to those in dire need. He called for more partners to join hands with the ministry, to make this philanthropic dream an achievement. For Proverb 19:17 says, “If you are helping the poor you are lending to the Lord and he will repay you”. The ministry of giving takes place every month.


In his introduction during the giving ministry recently Prophet T.P Elias said Jesus spent all his time on earth doing works of love. Before Jesus got received by the heavens, he said that all who believed in him will also do the works that he did; even greater things than he did. The man of God further said that when Jesus made the statement he was not only talking about healing and deliverance. He also referred to the ministry of giving. Papa Elias said it was good that the sick are laid hands on and healed and the captive prayed for and set free from their captivity. He approved that Jesus did the same. That, according to him, was not all that he did. He said Jesus also fed the hungry, clothed the naked and took care of the ailing. Turning to the congregation he said most will fail to enter the kingdom of heaven because of their failure to give even when they are blessed enough to afford sharing.
On the last day Jesus will say to people, 'I was naked you did not cloth me. I was hungry you did not feed me. I was in prison you did not visit me'. They will say, Lord when did we see you hungry and failed to feed you, he will say to them 'your neighbour that you failed to feed, clothe and take care of was me'. This is why the bible says God is for all and is in all.
The Prophet said God is found in all men because each is created in his image. He summed up his introductory message by saying, “So today we are going to do as Jesus did. We are not saying we have excelled. We are not saying we have reached the highest point. But we are striving everyday to reach the highest mark of our calling in Christ Jesus”.
Sis. Kepeo and Sis. Tlotlo
hen presenting the gifts to the recipients that day GOHN giving ministry presenters sis. Kepeo Nkakobang and sis. Tlotlo Badirwang said that the church was extending its hand as a way of expressing its heartfelt love for all. Nkakobang elaborated that the ministry’s giving was based on 2Chorinthians 9:7.
She read it a follows, “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver”.
Twelve people received the share for the day amongst them Steven, a mentally handicapped man who has turned out to be the darling of most in the church because of his childlike actions.

    Word of thanks from the recipients

Kgalalelo Seselamarumo
My name is Kgalalelo Sesalamarumo. God is great and so wonderful. I thank God who sent his messenger Prophet Elias to come and save both the rich and the poor of the community of Maun. The bible says blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives. I receive this gift with a wide open and jubilant heart. May God multiple and richly bless his servant.
Tshabang Masalela
My name is Tshabang Masalela. I am deaf and I suffer from aching feet. Since I became deaf all my friends vacated me. My only friend is my wife and now this ministry. People of God, what we witness here are the typical works of God. There is nowhere else in this nation that I have experienced such love. Since I became sick the people outside look at me with questioning eyes. But since I came here I have been welcomed with warmth and deep love by all. And here I am today being taken care of. I thank papa Elias and the church for expressing their love to me through this gift. For us new comers to this ministry we see God through such actions because God is love. 
Shumi Mulonda
Dump Lesedilapelo Nametsang jotted her thanks on a piece of paper. It read like this, “I thank the man of God a hundred fold. May the Mighty God bless him for the rest of his life. 

My name is Shumi Mulonda. I know that when most of you see me clean they think that I am not poor. I THANK God for the gift that the man of God presented to me today. I assure you that it will go a long way in improving my life. I currently stay with my aged parents and sibling. Unemployed as I am, I’m yoked with the responsibility of taking care of my whole family. I glorify God for the gift.

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